Don't mistake fatigue for strength!

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

Are you still treating fatigue as exercise intensity?

Many people use how tired they are to measure their training intensity! I always want to go to the gym to torture myself severely, if it's not like I didn't practice well!

Fatigue value ≠ training intensity

For people with certain training knowledge, the above questions should not be a big secret. However, the "fatigue training" that can be seen everywhere makes me wonder, have you really done what you really need? Let's explore it along the following process:

First of all, we must know the importance of strength training!

Modern people’s living habits (sitting and not working) easily lead to muscle loss, and muscle loss has a profound impact on physical health and quality of life, so modern people’s sports training should include training that can improve muscle strength and muscle quality .

And regarding muscle and strength training, you need to recognize the following points:

1. Muscle mass is difficult to build, most people are afraid of too little, not too much, you don’t need to worry about getting too strong.

2. To stimulate muscle growth and increase muscle strength, there must be sufficient training ""intensity". The so-called strength can be expressed simply by the weight that an action can lift. Generally speaking, 6RM or more is suitable for increasing the maximum muscle strength and muscle mass (high intensity), and 6-12RM is easier to accumulate training volume (medium intensity) , More commonly used for muscle growth. And more than 15RM is more suitable for improving muscle endurance (low strength)!

3. To stimulate muscle growth and increase muscle strength, the weight required is actually much heavier than most people imagine. The general people who live at rest as their main lifestyle have little exposure throughout the year to training intensity sufficient to stimulate muscle growth or muscle mass.

A very tired exercise, not necessarily enough intensity

You can use exercises with insufficient intensity to make yourself very tired and tired, and it is easy to get injured, but you still haven't touched enough "intensity".

This mistake is not only made by the general public. Many sports coaches and fitness instructors are also easy to make this mistake. They run slowly on a treadmill until they are weak, do a lot of exercises with very light weight, or follow passionate music. Jumping all the time, you may feel very comfortable in the moment of exercise, but if your exercise is only like this, this kind of training rarely touches the high enough intensity zone.

"Low-intensity fatigue", no matter how tired, it is still a "low-intensity training".

People don’t need to be high-intensity forever, but if you want the training to be effective, there are always times to try to increase the intensity.

Don't think of "fatigue" as the "intensity" of training.

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