Wrong bicycle use and correction

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Mistake 1: The seat is too low, too much pressure is applied to the knee, and the knee is at great risk of damage.

Solution: Stand upright next to your bicycle and adjust the seat to your hip position. When you ride, the knee has a slight curvature when the pedal is at its lowest point. If it is adjusted too high, it is not conducive to force.

Mistake 2: The seat is too close to the handle. If the seat is close to the handlebar, the distance between the body and the handlebar is also very short. This forces the knee joint forward and also exerts pressure on the knee joint.

Solution: Sitting on the seat, when the two pedals are at the same distance from the ground, the front knee should not exceed the toe, but can't sit too late, is the fitness right? Under normal circumstances, when the two pedals are at the same distance from the ground The angle between the calf and the instep of the leg in the front is not more than 90 degrees.

Mistake 3: The height of the handle is not enough, which will adversely affect your spine, especially the cervical and lumbar spine.


Under normal circumstances, after adjusting the seat, adjust the handle to the height of the seat; if your stomach is large or pregnant, then you need to make the height of the handle higher to prevent discomfort caused by squeezing the abdomen. Also pay attention to two points:

Mistake 4: No resistance, because the spinning bike is different from the usual bicycle. The wheels in the spinning bicycle are very heavy, so the inertia is very large. If the force of the rotation is not controlled, it is likely to cause unnecessary injury.

Solution: It's very simple. Add some resistance according to your leg strength. Is the fitness right? Use the brakes reasonably. Never try to use the power of the legs to stop the crazy turning iron wheel.

The back is as straight as possible, especially those who are obese and weaker in the core. If used improperly, it is likely to hurt the lumbar spine. Those who ride a bicycle with a sore back should pay special attention to whether the back is straight and whether the downward force is applied to the waist. On (should be appropriate to use abdominal strength support), usually pay more attention to core training.

Don't put all the weight of your body on both arms, but on your legs.

Mistake 5: Do not fix your foot on the pedal. It is closely related to the previous error. If you do not fix your feet, plus the inertia of the iron wheel, your feet can easily be emptied, posing a danger.

Solution: Check if the pedal of the bicycle is in good condition, whether the fixing sleeve is intact, put the foot in it, fasten it and check if there is slip. If the bicycle has damage to the pedal and the fixed sleeve is damaged, is the fitness right? It is strongly recommended to immediately switch to another bicycle with no problem.

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